I have the best friends a girl could ask for. Just got this slice of cake hand delivered to me because I’m having a shit day. How can someone stay angry after this?!? ❤️
Diamonds. #turkrazyy
Lamppost love. #turkrazyy
Blue. #turkrazyy
One meter long kebab. Now I’ve seen / eaten it all! #turkrazyy

It’s the little things in life that make me happy. Wheeeeeeeel!!! #turkrazyy

2 days ago
When in Turkey, visit Otantik Bar. 😬
So, beware of all my #turkrazyy updates. Well, two pictures too late, but now you know. Officially. Also, BOARDED!!!
Less than half the gang. 😬 #turkrazyy
Turkey time peeeepulz!
Some guy called Kapil Sharma is in town. Three clowns decided to attend his show.
When you’ve got legs like that, you don’t need no filters!
This is the guy that fathered my god-daughter. Oh boy!
How gorgeous is she?! ❤️😘