Air India’s Maharaja or Chacha Choudhary? Who does @aashish_dhingra resemble most? #KisAbhi
My baby recovering from snip-snipping. A 15 minute procedure that took 2.5 hours. The doc calls him her miracle boy. =’)
Pride and joy.
That sky! #KisAbhi
Sharp! #KisAbhi
Of strategically angled pictures. #KisAbhi
Heh! #KisAbhi
Aaaashi baaybee! #KisAbhi
As the last night progressed, tux blazers came off, bow ties ended up a rapping themselves on people’s foreheads, and madness kicked up one notch. If that was even possible. #KisAbhi
Tuxes galore at zee reception. #KisAbhi
Var being maala-oed.
No talking during the phere, pliss. #KisAbhi
Phere venue for #KisAbhi